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Who Am I?

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Good question, and one to which even I do not know the exact answer. I’m a mother to three, two boys and a girl, a grandma to three, two boys and a girl (see a pattern emerging here?) and breaking up that pattern slightly, I have a younger sister and  brother who do their very best to avoid me if they can.  Tried marriage twice before I learned my lesson. (always was slow to take a hint) I think my nearest and dearest all think I am slightly bonkers and eccentric into the bargain.  I can’t for the life of me imagine why!  Mind you I am the first port of call if they need any help with setting up or choosing a new TV, which equipment or phone they should buy or sorting out their computers when they are playing up.  It’s often the only time I get to see some of them!

Here are some of my interests. Trains, steam trains, murder mystery’s, forensics, av equipment, walking, playing RPG’s, photography, computers, blogging, music, films,grumbling, ranting. See! Nothing strange about me is there?

I will confess to having a ‘flip flop’ mentality where I lunge from giggling and acting like a schoolgirl to being in the depths of despair, which if I was granted just one wish by some kind fairy godmother to be able to change any aspect of myself,  it would be that.  I also suffer fools gladly (typical Aries if you believe that sort of thing) and my main pet hate about other people is if they can’t be bothered to learn to do things for themselves, but simply sit back and let others do everything for them.  I am and always have been very independent which probably goes some way to  explaining why both of my attempts at marriage were doomed to failure. 

In fact, the only person who seems to be able to tolerate me for any length of time (although even she has to escape to respite every so often in order to calm her frayed and frazzled nerves) is my ever tolerant easy going daughter.  Both of my son’s can manage to tolerate me for short spells, but as they are both Gemini’s ( see your nearest Astrologer for info about Aries people and Gemini’s) we do tend to clash after a period of close proximity lasting more than a few hours, so we have learned over the years to keep it to the occasional phone call or once a year visit, and even then they don’t always bother answering the phone when they see the word Mum displayed on the screen. 

That’s about all there is to know really, bet you wish now you hadn’t bothered wondering who the heck I was now don’t you?

TG  Who me?


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