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Cats are  definitely my all time favorite animal. I love them all, from the small  domestic kitten to the huge Tiger and Lions. If there is a big cat program on the telly, I never fail to record it.  They area such gorgeous and fascinating animals ever created in my opinion and I well understand why they were revered so by the Egyptians. Their fur, there gracefulness, suppleness, I could watch them for hours and hours and never tire of it.

Their eyes are so penetrating and yet so mesmerizing. I think that when God created cat’s he almost reached perfection. As domestic animals, they tolerate us, we never own them. They are their own masters and regard us with a certain amount of disdain. I know that they consider dogs as dirty stupid animals who are silly enough to do humans bidding, whilst they rise above such mundane actions. Why should they fetch a stick or sit up and beg?  We are at their bidding and it is purely their choice to come into our homes.



Using Writer with WordPress.



This is a test post so that I can test whether or not Writer is working okay with this theme that I have now chosen for the another newbie demo blog. So far it looks as if it is but the test will be when I try it out with an inserted photo or picture. I think that to test it out, I’ll go on a search for some cats. My all time favourite animal.

The trouble with this theme is this. The writing area  simply isn’t wide enough! Anyway, I always have to have a moan don’t I?  That will be the day when something is perfect and I cant’ find fault with it. Here goes, I will add a single picture and then a full photo album. Well that has worked! It has placed correctly to the left hand side of the text. Now for a full photo album.


Hello World!

This is my very first post on WordPress.  I don’t have a lot to say at the moment, and this post is simply to demonstrate the online WordPress blog post editor which is much like any other online blog editor. Like others you can add an image, audio, video by simply clicking on those icons next to Upload/Insert.