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Cats are  definitely my all time favorite animal. I love them all, from the small  domestic kitten to the huge Tiger and Lions. If there is a big cat program on the telly, I never fail to record it.  They area such gorgeous and fascinating animals ever created in my opinion and I well understand why they were revered so by the Egyptians. Their fur, there gracefulness, suppleness, I could watch them for hours and hours and never tire of it.

Their eyes are so penetrating and yet so mesmerizing. I think that when God created cat’s he almost reached perfection. As domestic animals, they tolerate us, we never own them. They are their own masters and regard us with a certain amount of disdain. I know that they consider dogs as dirty stupid animals who are silly enough to do humans bidding, whilst they rise above such mundane actions. Why should they fetch a stick or sit up and beg?  We are at their bidding and it is purely their choice to come into our homes.



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